Tech Movie Review: A Space Odyssey

Arguably dubbed “the proverbial great science fiction film.”
This tech movie still holds up. Nominated for four Academy awards, many themes are touched on including the past, present, and future of both humanity and technology.
Its portrayal of the computer HAL, in many regards, shaped how computers and the overarching ideas of technology would be portrayed in cinema.

The thing about 2001 isn’t that it was especially prescient, certainly not in the way that Minority Report is. It’s very much a product of its time. Still, the film encapsulates the wonder of technology and raises questions about how machines intersect with our lives.
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The soundtrack and lack of dialogue are also noteworthy. In addition, seeing the world of 2001 from the eyes of someone in the 60’s is fascinating.
Released in 1968 after five years in development, the film wasn’t exactly a hit with audiences or critics. Decades later, it is considered one of the most influential and important films in modern history

2001: A Space Odyssey — film and novel — produced concurrently and released in 1968

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