Teach us how to use Smartphones: MPs

Members of Parliament have requested a 30-minute lesson on how to use Samsung tablets they recently received from the government.

The tablets were given to 270 legislators and 80 senators as part of the 2018 pre-budget seminar demands.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Norton legislator Temba Mliswa said they need lessons to enable them to effectively navigate their new tablets since they are not familiar with the Samsung brand.

“I would also like to say these tablets that we got – I think we need to have a 30-minute lesson for all of us because some of us are used to the IPhone and not Samsung.

“So anybody who needs further education on it can then see the ICT specialists. I think an understanding is needed,” he said.

According to the Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda, the tablets are part of a strategy towards a paperless Parliament transiting to electronic and digital methods of conducting parliament business .

And while this strategy has started being implemented, legislators reported that they are having a hard time locating the documents via the electronic gadgets which , they are not familiar with .

“I also saw that you have a heading known as Votes & Proceedings yet it is the Order Paper. I said to the Clerk, we know it as the Order Paper– how many people know it as Votes and Proceedings?

“We are used to calling it the Order Paper so maybe until we get to the point of understanding, maybe Order Paper will be the best to put it under because we know what the Order Paper is.

“Votes & Proceedings, I actually wanted to ask what it was and I was told it is the Order Paper So I thought it would be important to explain what each heading means so that we are familiar, or else I think they will not serve the purpose that they intend to serve,” said Honourable Mliswa.

Although it is not confirmed, but it is believed that most legislators in Zimbabwe are ICT illiterate which explains their absence on social media and other platforms that are internet-based.
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