Tapiwanashe Matangira Develops A Mobile Publishing System

The world’s most dominant¬†information systems are currently owned and developed by tech champions from the world’s leading IT nations¬†such as the USA, UK, South Korea, India and China. With digitization takeover the Zimbabwean industry as well, one Tapiwanashe Matangira is leading the technological revolution after he recently developed a mobile publishing system.

By Shingie Levison Muringi

The system allows users to perform end to end publishing of files and articles using their mobile devices. The unique feature on the latest s-solution is its ability to publish articles in a broadcast, multi-cast and unicast format. Simply, one can just publish an article that can be automatically delivered to all peers at once.

The publishing system provides a two way traffic system which allows the recipients to give feedback via comments. Followers are also able to place booking for future articles. To make the system more users friendly, the publishing system allows push notifications to give timely updates if enabled.

Tapiwanashe said the system allows multiple authors to co-work on articles during content creation and development. Like the video webinars, authors are able to work on articles from different locations across the world.

The mobile publishing system is anchored by two mobile apps, the one for the publisher and the other for followers. The followers’s app will receive all the published articles by the author through real time alert messages. On the vice versa, the publisher (author) will then receive real time comments from followers as they start commenting.


The user interface of the Mobile Publishing System

Tapiwanashe Matangira isn’t a new comer in the solutions development industry after he recently developed the Graphical Code Explorer, which allows programmers to code systems using the Shona language. He was one of the top Harare Institute of Technology Students to receive special mention from the Honorable Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Supa Mandiwanzira during the recently held e-Tech Africa Conference.

Tapiwanashe has developed other latest solutions including a digital game called Black Hole Survival, an industry that has not been ventured by many Zim developers at the moment. We will publish his latest gaming solution in our next chapter for ZimStartUps. You can contact him on [email protected] for any further information concerning his e-solutions.

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