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Swanepoel Industries Procures Cooking Oil/Soya Meal Manufacturing Plant

Swanepoel Group President, Jason Swanepoel Zhuwao inspects leafs of some of the Swanepoel tobacco bales showcased at the TSF tobacco auction floors earlier this year.

INTEGRATED manufacturing Start-up, Swanepoel Industries (Pvt) Ltd. through the Swanepoel Group Ltd, which is ( the industrial firm’s umbrella company and investment vehicle) announced that it has procured a cooking oil, soya meal/ chunks manufacturing plant expected to be commissioned mid-2022 as the group sets for diversification within the consumer staple manufacturing division.

Swanepoel industries currently mills Zimbabwe’s staple Roller Meal under its flagship brand and this oil, soya meal/ chunks processing venture is part of its diversification strategy for growth and sustainability.

The company’s Group Executive Director Finance & Procurement Mr. Kundai Mvumba says the manufacturing of the machinery has since commenced and that their South African-based suppliers will install provisionally early next 2022 before the commissioning era.

“As a young manufacturing group and fresh brand we are truly excited about the introduction of our cooking oil and Soya meal& chunks brands to the markets. Our core business is feeding the nation and this includes both people and livestock,”said Mvumba.

The Swanepoel Director of Finance added, ”Our edible oils and Soya meal and chunks are produced from the highest quality soya beans; As a by-product created from the crushing of soybeans, soya meal is used as a key filler and source of protein in animal feed diets including pig, chicken, cattle, horse, sheep, fish, processing of margarine Soaps and more.”

Swanepoel continued that, ”In our solvent extraction process, the soybeans are cracked, heated, flaked and the oil is extracted by solvents. The extracted flakes are then carefully dried, toasted, and ground to make a high-quality soya meal which is then used for the last soya chunks production line.”

He said, ”Essentially our by-product has a strong market demand and our backward integration approach which involves the farming of the soya beans consolidates our quest for self-sufficiency in Zimbabwe.”

Currently, the harvest session yielded about 70,000 metric tonnes against the national demand of 300,000 metric tonnes per year. Our contribution is on closing in on that gap to ensure that the country substitutes importation as we grow our production capacity over the next few years.

Swanepoel Group is founded by diamond entrepreneur & industrialist Jason Swanepoel Zhuwao who is the group’s President and CEO.

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