Supa: Zero Tolerance on Ruffian Operators

Government will deal with rowdy telecommunication operators who do not abide by the regulations, a Cabinet minister has said.

ICT, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said this on Monday while responding to questions asked during the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on ICT, Postal and Courier Service

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Minister  Mandiwanzira said government will be more stringent with raucous operators

Former Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Hon Webster Shamu

“And we are going to be more stricter than we have been in ensuring that regulations are abided by, that we stick to the law and that those who bend the low will be fined or will have their licenses withdrawn.
“And we are going to do it fairly because we are subject of this committee in terms of what we are doing whether we are doing it properly. We mentioned the issue of supervision, we are supervised by the electorate,” he said.

“The element of serious indiscipline I couldn’t agree with you more honorable MP (Shamu) that there is an lot of serious indiscipline and out of it is not deliberate our regulator has not been strengthened sufficiently with skills, they haven’t had good access to resources. We are now beginning to address it.
“They have a new board, they have a new director general who are very competent equally prepared for the task,” he said.

Minister Mandiwanzira also bemoaned the state of affairs he witnessed when he was appointed such as the recapture of the regulator by the operators.
“The danger that I saw when I arrived was the danger of recapture of the regulator by operators  and that has been a major problem.
“Where operators are flouting the regulations nothing gets done, where data complaints are being received by the regulator that data is disappearing even without using it after loading it on your phone nothing is being done but I’m glad that the team that we have working with the team that was there are coming up with strategies to deal with the issue,” he said.

“We will see some good results and some penalties against operators who don’t deliver service and there is investment for equipment to monitor the quality of service hat is offered to our people,” he said.
The Committee chair Hon Nelson Chamisa representing Kuwadzana East Constituency told Minister Mandiwanzira  not to be speculative on matters about the state of the telecommunications sector by bringing in the cliche the impact of sanctions of Zimbabwe.
“Minister can’t you see that you are now treading on slippery ground,” he said.

Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa

Minister Mandiwanzira had mentioned, “If we could have no sanctions over night I think we could have more investments, we could have more lines of credit in our economy, we could have a better economy, and other infrastructure.”

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