Supa Worried about Mascom, Orange Signals in Zim

The minister of ICT Postal and courier services, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira has said the Zimbabwean region of Matabaleland South is leaking serious revenue to Botswana as thousands are using neighboring country’s network.

Speaking over the weekend during the World Telecoms Day commemorations in Plumtree, the minister said many actually own and use neighboring country/s mobile network which Is spilling its signals beyond the border.

This complaint has come up so many times to my office, and I implore the mobile networks to set up more infrastructure of towers for connections, as thousands in this area are actually connected to Mascom and Orange.

The minister said he is greatly concerned about the potential revenue leaking, at the time the government so dearly needs the foreign currency.

He challenged the mobile network operators to take over the market base which is now dominated by foreign signals.

We are not fooled by a few who are using our networks, we are fully aware that 10km outside Plumtree, many are using Mascom and orange network

Supa said that the telecommunications regulator, Potraz has been tasked to look into the issue through the universal service fund, to increase coverage around Plumtree area.

However this issue of signal overlapping beyond its borders is always a matter which the telecommunications union is looking into, which operator must adhere to.

zimbabwe mobile networks also beam more than 10 km deep fromthe Plumtree border post, an area which is less populated, but fully accords voice and data capability.

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