Supa Now Media Minister, As President Announces Cabinet Reshuffle.

The minister of ICT, and veteran broadcaster, Hon Supa  will now run the first ministry he ever worked for  as a deputy minister, in a move which has basically seen him and Professor Moyo of Education, Science and Technology  swap ministries, leaked a reliable source in the Office Of the President and Cabinet.(OPC)

Prof Jonathan Moyo minister of media and information and Hon Supa Mandiwanzira while he was still deputy minister

The new imminent cabinet shuffle which is set to be officially announced soon has seen many ministers shuffling posts which saw the controversially tweeting minister, Professor Moyo being given the ICT ministry while Hon Supa Mandiwanzira finds new home in his first ministry ever, this time as the minister of broadcasting services.

According to the document which we gleaned today, the president has effected a shocker shuffle which has been seen as a major blow against factionalism as some senior ministers have been completely dropped from cabinet making them mere Members of  Parliament.

Due to the sensitivity of the leaked document, we can only wait for the official pronouncement of the new cabinet which the President of Zimbabwe will be announcing soon, while our purview ICT and Tech ministry may be the only ministries without disappointing results.

However some analysts have said the ICT sector may have been robbed of a vibrant young minister who was already driving the ministry to greater heights, and doubted if the political scientist is the best person to ride the ministry though he has already been showing signs of being tech savvy and switched on.

The former ICT minister, Hon Webster Shamu has been recorded the worst minister ever to run the ministry of ICT postal and courier services  as he was grossly ignorant of the technological and Information Communication sector he was running, after taking over the young and Vibrant Nelson Chamisa.


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