"Supa An Inconsistent Hypocrite" Econet

Its Alluta continua Econet Wireless Zimbabwe takes a gloves off approach in yet another press statement openly attacking the minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira , calling him a fraud and an inconsistent man of duplicity.

Econet has taken its feud with minister Mandiwanzira a notch higher in a daredevil style.

Econet insists that they were not ordered by the government to reverse tariffs, but instead challenged the government of Zimbabwe why other operators had not implemented the floor tarrifs, after agreeing and felt cheated by the move.

The statement continues to state that the minister or telecommunications, Potraz to date have not served Econet Wireless with any letter of reversals,but instead it was their own conclusion, after their board decided to reverse the new tarrifs, they then notified Potraz of the move.

Below is the full statement.

Econet Press statement


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