Steward Bank Under Fire, As Clients Threaten To Sue

Steward bank clients have come out guns blazing against the bank accusing it of “Stealing From Them” amid indications that there is a Social Media petition in circulation, threatening to take the embattled bank to the cleaners.

The petition dubbed “bring back our money”  has so far received a couple of signatures from various people whereas some have taken to social media platforms to speak against the bank’s shenanigans.

By Miriam Kunjanja

Most Zimbabweans feel that they have been robbed of their hard earned money by the bank prompting some clients to file and open a sign a petition form on the website

The petition seeks other Steward bank clients who feel they have been duped of their money by the bank by way of incomplete RTGS transfers, fake and inconsistent bank statements and many more, to sign the petition which they hope the bank will use to address their grievances and failure by the bank to do so will lead to the bank being sued by the clients

“Thousand of Zimbabweans have been victims of mismanagement of funds, incomplete RTGS transfers, fake and inconsistent bank statements, poor client service, unresolved cases and so many more.

“This petition is to say to steward bank , we need our money back . we have had enough and if you don’t resolve this, we will take this to the court!” read the petition

By time of publishing the story only 13 people had signed the petition citing with several complaints on the petition.

“RTGS done on 26 June still missing told there is a queue at treasury. Phones are never picked or go through. A growing customer base with no banking infrastructure to support it,

“My account was debited twice after I swiped and the pos machine gave me an error response for $5.50, that on 10 June 2017” read comments from Reagan Shonge and Tinaye Gilshin respectively

“When using the square mobile app and their ussd platform to purchase airtime for some unknown reason the app deducts the required amount of airtime from the account first even when the transaction has been declined , when reports are made to steward bank customer service all they could say was that they were having problems with their square mobile app and the failed transactions should auto reverse in 24 hours to which this doesn’t happen to quite a number of clients” fumed another Steward bank client

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