Steward Bank Finally Unveils Website, With Live Chat Support.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito 

The ICT achievers awards winner under the ICT Supportive Bank Sector, Steward Bank, which hogged the limelight for taking a digital award without the basic supportive website, finally came out from the digital wilderness with a much more better offering.

Launched some few months back, Steward Bank has finally bounced back on the market with a supportive website to cushion their clients from the  unnecessary after hours  hustles.

Recently reported to have 1 000 000 customers, yes a million  and still counting, buoyed by the EcocashSave Accounts, With 19  branches nationwide, 3 of them from Harare although still without any single  Auto Teller Machine (ATM), the bank has still managed to unveil quiet a supportive online system.

What really caught my eye was the live chat service, the responsiveness for mobile devices and the online account opening application process, can you really get these services from a Zimbabwean  bank?

Steward Bank home

Its 17th of Feb way after banking hours, in fact to be more precise its 4 hours after normal banking hours and seeing a LIVE purple  chat button indicating green for ready on my  screen, I went straight for the tab, with some doubt, I clicked the green light, much to my amusement , it responded with a pop up and few seconds later I was taken into a chatroom.

Steward bank account chat

Like any other chatroom, I was allocated a support agent to my screen in roughly 30seconds, “Christine “ was my agent and still sceptical about what I was seeing I took the test longer to actually check and see if this was a real human or generic robot for generic answers.

Much to my surprise, 4 hours after normal banking hours, I asked a plethora of questions, both relevant and irrelevant questions much to my surprise, the  seemingly alert support personnel was on “Her” toes sharply answering all questions, with a response delay here and there.

I knew pretty well that introducing myself as the media will get me no answer so I had to also play safe and scout for information alreadyin the public domain.

Here is the live screen shot extract from the interview

Steward bank chat history 1

On online application, Christine said that you may apply for an account online, you will be given a reference number which you will need to take to a steward bank branch, together with account opening requirements.

I did not manage how applying online would be of any benefit than just going straight to the bank since the whole process seems inevitable either way.

Steward bank account processed

As the chat conversation continued for almost 1 hr, she led me through some other functionalities of the website and answered with some hyperlinks, quit impressive for a banking support personnel.


However Steward bank unlike most of Zimbabwean banks is not yet offering Online  banking, yet this is one component that really defines convenience in a digital era   but I guess they are fully aware, since  they are currently flying the coming soon page

Steward bank online banking unavailble


The website is also quite a responsive one perfectly fitting in various mobile devices, a good and well calculated move by the web developer as  mobile is now surely the future





For the technicalities,  unfortunately I could not  get the actual Content Management System  platform, their web server, framework, language or webhosting platform.


here is our zero day feedback

Steward Bank CMS
















Steward bank by subscriber base is Zimbabwe`s biggest bank, riding on a million subscribers and still is the biggest bank against all bank combined in Zimbabwe.






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