StarFm Redesigning Website The Wrong Way.



[headlines headline=”h3″ ]To thousands who now have access to broadband connectivity in Zimbabwe and millions outside, they have faced their worst disappointment ever by StarFm, which has taken the wrong direction on how best to redesign, the “visibly tired” website.[/headlines]

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands who used to connect to arguably Zimbabwe`s top radio station via online streaming have been forced offline by what I will personally call nothing but a wrong move.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

In a good move to revamp the  StarFm website, The radio station has completely taken the whole website down!! Including online streaming.

star fm website 1

StarFM has literally banned their faithful listeners from the diaspora who can only tune in to their favourite station via online streaming making it the worst mistake the radio station has ever made, since inception, allowing their listeners to have an option to taste their competitor’s dish.

In Zimbabwe, StarfM and ZiFM are currently heavily competing for almost the same  audience  with Zifm seriously gaining ground after its rather late entry to the limelight, it has become  another force to reckon with, which StarFm should really lose sleep over.

Unfortunately for those locals  and diasporas who love to connect online, with the advent of broadband connectivity, StarFm has literally passed on their listeners  to their competitors.

Besides the competition effect, it is grossly unfair to switch off your listeners just like that and leave them with no other alternative, this probably shows  how they have not an idea  on how  much they are losing in terms of online streamers.

The only simple thing which the broadcaster should have done is to learn from their competitor, ZiFM. When ZiFM did a smooth transition to their new website, they did not have to cut online streaming. In fact they switched off everything except the major thing which was radio streaming.

Zifm Website


In this day and age, it would be rather strange to switch off your website for construction purposes unless of course its really broken, and  there is not any other choice available except for an urgent switch over.

A new website can still be constructed and implemented separately then take a few minutes to simply redress your website in a new gown or suit, which ever best applies.

Ofcourse here and there StarFM was facing some streaming challenges with delayed signals or looping, but this would not warranty a complete take down of the website.

They could still design the new website, test it somewhere private and finally launch it without the world noticing and worse forcing their online listeners offline.

We hope in the meantime, while they continuously work on the new look, they bring back our streaming capability or hopefully urgently speed up the whole process which has antagonisingly lasted over a  week.



Nicole Madziwa

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