StarFm Finally Dumps DJ Facebook Pages!


Let’s call a spade a spade, here, StarFM, arguably Zimbabwe`s biggest digital radio station has finally managed to clean its stinking mess, as concerted efforts to streamline the focus to the “official pages” go viral.

I have always asked why,on earth, should every DJ needs to promote their own page on radio against the brand they work for.
A very good example, Innocent Tshuma (Chuman), would not spend 15 minutes without urging Zimbabweans to Like or comment on his Love Life Generation Facebook Page, every time he was on radio.

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Love life generation

The Facebook Page almost became the face of the brand, everytime he was on radio. His  Facebook page, probably the biggest representation from the radio station he has a whopping 38,788 likes on his page. Innocent also pushed the same agenda on his @InnostarFm twitter handle.


The “Golden girls”, TA-Ri-RO and Ayati, their voices are still clear in my head, “please Like our facebook page The breeze Star Fm, it’s the Breeze Star Fm”. Today they have managed to score a happy 15 738 likes.

The popular Break fast show did the same thing, with Comfort Mbofana and Zam, please like and share our Facebook page, Starm Breakfast Club.
This StarFm Breakfast Club now has a whopping, 20 021 likes. Strange enough, DJ ZAM on Twitter has the official handle @starfmbreakfast with a cool 8 153 followers

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On twitter The confusion gets deeper, StarFM, has about three LIVE Twitter handles, the bigger one @StarmZimbabwe has 4 298 followers yet their newly campaigned page @starfmzim has only 394 followers, strange enough this page Joined twitter July 2012.

Starfm is currently heavily campaigning for their new facebook and Twiiter pages with lots of Smart TVs and washing machines to give away tomorrow amongst the prices.

Instead of advertising the new Facebook and Twitter handles, it would only be prudent for the brand to have selected one of the biggest pages and simply turned them to their official handles.

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Well this obviously seems easier said than done, but mainly because these were individual efforts  to grow the pages, Starfm may not have any right let alone control to do so. Unless the DJ themselves are willing to give control to the employer but this is the tricky thing.

Once a Facebook page is created by someone in his personal capacity, he or she has more personal interests in it, what happens to the Facebook page with 20 000 plus likes when the DJ is fired  from the company, who controls what the fans will receive and how does the company benefit from this move.

To StarFm , this was just a tragedy!

Fortunately, the team at Zimpapers has got wind of these basic social network principles and have seriously moved in to clean this stinking mess.

Probably as a tip, StarFm may consider Joining Facebook pages, this however can only be done if you can prove you own  or have links to all the pages, though the rules are very difficult, it could only be easy if one administrator is allowed to run all the pages then YES you can add up these Facebook pages and create one.

The truth is i don’t see this happening, news is filtering that some of the guys have left or are leaving the station and this move wil

Nicole Madziwa

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