StarFm Finally Does It Right, Lands On WordPress Website.


After completely switching off their website, i personally had problems with the move when Starfm, Zimbabwe`s fastest growing radio station decided to make what i called nothing but a big mistake in trying to achieve the best results.

StarFm, had painfully brought down their website for a period close to a month, gave their site an under construction hood, a move that was completely old and regrettable, unless ofcourse they had no other choice, which i still doubt and bothered not to ask anyway.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Finally, they not only consoled me, but im sure their millions of listeners at large too. The new StarFm website was brought up some couple of weeks now and surely this time , they did it right.They have found their new home on Word Press.

I have been sampling their online streaming too, completely refreshed the plug which was audibly buggy, looping some shows and at times was streaming a way too delayed signal, much to my displeasure forcing to me go analogue, as their digital streaming proved to going through its torrid times.
To date, i can now certainly say StarFm has pinned that major flaw down, their online streaming, the only source to get millions abroad connected has been functional, With availability and affordability of broadband world wide, even most locals are find the web space as an alternative to the broadcasting spectrum.

StarFm, has found its new home on the world`s most popular platform, Word Press. Yes Starfm is now on word press, Probably on a theme called sound wave and its doing the job right for them. The thing i love most about wordpress is their community support and availability of a plethora of plugins, though due diligence is needed in selecting.
Their lower part website has also brought back the streaming live tweets to catch up on the trending hashtags conversing on their set tags or StarFm.
Starfm theme
Their Facebook Like Box is also back, Ironically, this is my other major problem with StarFm, they spend the whole day promoting facebook pages of individuals and shows completely dumping their main facebook page which only has 4500 likes by the time of penning this one.
Back to the basics, the new website had some serious thinking and new colour appreciation going on. Nothing against the brand colour orange, or theme but this time they managed the noisy colour well enough to make it sink where its not supposed to be visible.
starfm screen shoot admire
On another relatively, “none important note”, i like the new photo shoots, it’s either the boys and girls have grown beautiful and younger with time, esp the girls or the cameraman just did it right.
Starfm Girls

But the new looks are really visible and refreshing, across all the StarFm Djs.

The new background colour on the website is now bringing in the correct professional fell for a website of such magnitude. Blended in rich dark colours, the new images are making a bold statement.

Sealed with their social networking tags, they are on the right course though most these spots are really fresh or inctive accounts which need more content in making, their only Youtube video they have uploaded so far, is a mere URL link from one Tendai Nyaude, more will need to be done to strike such a balance with refreshed content.
Who is that girl

Before i close, who is that girl on the top left corner, im just wondering how she ended up landing her picture on the top banner and where the hack are the StarFm 2nd year Birthday Photos.

Nicole Madziwa

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