Stanbic Launches Incubator Hub


Stanbic bank has launched an incubation hub to support young Zimbabweans through their projects from conception to actual financing of the project, TechnoMag can report.

The company said introduction of the incubator is meant to make a real difference while paying close attention to the needs, challenges and requirements of beneficiaries.

“Some may wonder why we decided to go the incubator route instead of just banking and giving loans to the targeted group of people. We devised solutions that will make a real difference while paying close attention to their needs, challenges and requirements,” they said.

Stanbic said the incubator will run under 5 pillars- ideation, incubation, acceleration, ecosystem and financial inclusion. These pillars are meant to address the challenges that are faced by the youths when they need to start their businesses or scale up their businesses.

“Some of the challenges that we seek to address through our programs include access to the right funding, access to Markets, networking, financial literacy, access to advisory services, coaching and mentoring,” Stanbic added.

The incubator will be open to all entrepreneurs across industry.

The hub will be open from Monday to Friday (0800 -1800). On Saturdays from 0800 till noon and interested entrepreneurs are free to pass through for further enquiries.

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