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Special Anti Corruption Unit Invited Over NetOne Irregularities

Tactically Muchenje wants to reserve energy for the big kill by choosing his battle wisely in order to win the war overally
”The new digital economy is all about bits and bytes and traditional companies have to ensure that they acquired a digital presence and understood the new business models that shall drive these new information age economies,” said the technology expert Mr muchenje.

Former NetOne chief executive Lazarus Muchenje has requested the Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU) to launch an investigation against the telecommunications company’s board

In his letter sent to the anti-corruption unit on March 22, 2021, Muchenje allegedly said that board members Beaula Chirume and Susan Mutangadura had unscrupulously appointed Raphael Mushanawani to a non-existent post within the parastatal.

“Dr. Beaula Chirume and Ms. Susan Mutangadura, as committee members of the NetOne human resources board committee, appointed Raphael Mushanawani to a non-existent position through an irregular contract of four months instead of the standard three years or five-year NetOne contracts,” Muchenje alleged.

“In an employment contract signed on August 27, 2020, by Dr. Chirume, as HR board committee chairperson and witnessed by her HR committee member Susan Mutangadura, Raphael Mushanawani was appointed to NetOne for a period of four months in the position of acting chief technology officer.”

Muchenje further added that the position occupied by Mushanawani was against the contractual law for an individual to occupy a leadership role without being an employee of the company.

“There is no such position at NetOne. A person when appointed contractually has to be appointed into an existing substantive position. Then they act into another role if there are vacancies.

“Therefore, for someone to act in a role, they must first of all be an employee of the company in a substantive role, and then they can act in another vacant role which was not the case with Mr. Mushanawani as his previous contract had expired.”

Muchenje emphasized that an employment contract with someone in an acting role was highly irregular, illegal, and clearly an abuse of duty by public officers.
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