Space X to launch first recycled rocket

Space X cooperation will later this year launch their first recycled rocket into space later this year, and the customer who commissioned the launch will get a discount.

Space X a private space company has been determined to master landing its rockets after use from their previous missions so that they can be reused later, rather than just discarding them after a mission.

by David Zvina

Up to date date space x has succeeded to land five rockets  since December 2015  and company CEO Elon Musk said earlier this year that the company was now ready and prepared to put of the landed rockets back into space.


Both firms  could disclose fully the financial terms of the deal, but both firms did confirm that SES will definitely get a discount on the $62 million prize of a launch because  Space X  will reuse an old rocket.





One of space x experimental hubs in USA.

Space X has so far completed far more difficult missions and the SES mission is a very long trip in terms of space travel. the Space X  will take an SES satellite dubbed SES-10 , to geostationary obit , which is about 22000 miles away from the earths surface .

The space X has already been previously used to  launch SES tv and broadband satellites..The company has made trips here before and this trip will be the company third in history. – nbcnews


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