Solution Centre Opens Arundel Branch

Solution Centre has officially brought their first retail shop closer to the market, and this was marked by the opening of a new branch in Harare at the Arundel Village shopping centre this afternoon. 

By Henrieta Chiteure and Shingie Lev Muringi   

 The Solution Centre Arundel branch was opened to give access to a wide range of ICT products and services, including Apple hardware, softwares and devices. The company is the authorized reseller of Apple products among other IT vendor equipment in Zimbabwe.   

 “This is an exciting development that will provide easy access to all our products and services, “ said Paul Georgeou, the Managing Director.

Speaking at the Arundel Branch opening this afternoon, Natasha Hess happily commented that the local residents were embracing this move as we witnessed a lot of people flocking in to buy genuine Apple products.

Solution Centre1

Some of the superior products in their stock included  iMac 27 inches going for  $2499. The other product they stocked which drew the multitudes in and around Arundel were the electric Hoverboards which have become popular in the leafy suburb’s streets. A few kids acquired celebrity statuses among their peers since Hoverboards hit the market a few months ago but were not available in local shops making them the scariest product in Zim. Thanks to Solution Centre, every kid around Harare can now own a Hoverboard without hustle.

Arundel provides a well placed market centre for Harare’s northern suburbs, with close proximity to various shopping malls, office complexes, schools, diplomatic missions, and NGO Headquarters. The easy accessibility would be matched by user-friendly opening hours for a wide range of IT products and services on sale.

The new outlet will see its daily operations being run by a branch manager and two members of staff, one of whom can provide basic service undertakings. More detailed service and repaid work will be forwarded by staff to the existing Solution Centre operation along Enterprise Road, but customers can deliver and collect items at Arundel.

Solution Centre2

Some of the Apple products available at the Arundel Solution Centre Branch.

Solution Centre is best known for its connection to the popular Apple brand, to whom it holds an authorized trading license for all  Apple products. To make them a complete authorized trading partner of Apple, they are licensed to hold service provider workshop facilities and training centre for those who would want to acquire technical knowledge on all Apple services. The company also provide other brands and services to the local market, including those of Aruba Networks, Bose and other leading ICT brand names.

The Arundel shop will start selling hardware, software, accessories and peripheral items essential to the easy and efficient use of technology for the citizen’s daily personal and work needs.

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