Solar Powered Laptops Hit The Market

The productivity of an individual in any organisation is something that must be unquestionable, however productivity has been argued to have moved away from the office due to the the paperless era, it is argued that productivity no longer requires us to be in an office.

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However what can not be argued is that productivity is enhanced by the tools one uses and inevitably laptops become key. The challenge with most laptops is that either the battery lasts between 3 to 6 hrs or does not hold any power once disconnected from the mains. Yes replacement batteries offer the solution but in time those batteries once again reach their end of life.

Enter the Solar Powered laptop. At one point in time it was almost unheard of to think of a solar powered laptop yet technology and science has taken a bold step in addressing the need for power outside the grid for longer hours and even without the grid totally. Once an idea and now a reality the solar powered laptop has contributed towards enhanced productivity.
A laptop designed for those places were electricity may not be readily available, or is not reliable because two to three hours of battery is not much use for anyone.

samsung-nc215s-solar-netbookThe Samsung’s NC215S netbook sports a lid which is 90% Solar panel, giving an estimated battery life of 14.5 hours. 1.6GHz N570 Intel Atom dual-core processor, 250GB storage, and 1GB RAM into a 2.9 pound frame.


Solar powered laptops will serve students and teachers in emerging markets well as they can access educational materials even in remote places with no electricity.  SOL

Many people have been waiting for something like this to come along and now in Africa it is available. Zimbabweans draw nigh and bring these devices to the local market. Many people will definitely be interested  in a laptop that does not rely on a power socket to stay charged.

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