Solar Grids For Zim Airports


Government is set to introduce solar grids at all airports nationwide as a means to reduce pressure on the power grid, the Energy Minister has revealed.

Honorable Fortune Chasi says airports ought to have an uninterrupted power supply to guarantee safety in the aviation industry as well as make Zimbabwe a preferred tourism destination.

“The basic idea is that airports are a key national installation and we have to have a situation where there is assurance that there won’t be any power outage there,” said Minister Chasi.

“The reason is that if there is going to be an outage, it could seriously compromise on safety as well as cause a serious dent on tourism.

“Going solar is also consistent with Government efforts to remove as many consumers as possible from the grid and serve the country’s foreign currency substantially.

“In due course I will advise on who is going to do it and when they will start as well as other related details,” he told the Herald.


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