OutAndAbout: Smart Wearables Invade Zim Market

Technology is  fast changing phenomenon that has seen even  countries like  Zimbabweans which were regarded as a  ‘slowpokes’ ‘joining the bandwagon of adopting and developing worldclass innovations.


GenX Technologies is a Zimbabwean company that was born out of the desire to take Zimbabwe out of the woods.

Kudakwashe Pembere

Speaking to GenX UX Researcher Muchie Shiripinda, he said the company came in to close the gap between early adopters and laggards.

“There was a time back then when we could see latest technologies on movies, sitcoms and series. However, this stuff entered Zimbabwe some five to ten years later. So we formed this company to make Zimbabweans leap the five long waiting years.”

“We are a team of five who run this company via various departments such as the administration, logistics, social media and UX development. My area of specialty as a UX researcher is to follow up on our customers to get feedback after using our products as well as working with product designers and engineers”

The company  prides itself  as Zimbabwe’s sole, dedicated Wearable Technology Retailer.
“As wearable technology develops; we will always offer you cutting-edge technology, at reasonable prices.

“Whatever your need, be they fitness monitoring; improving productivity; casual or formal wearables, GenX is your answer.

“Our list of products is extensive, ranging from executive and non-executive Smartwatches; Smart Watch Phones; Smart Sport Watches; Fitness Trackers; Smart Bracelets; Smart Bands to Kids GPS Watches,Action cameras, Virtual Reality Headsets, BP monitors and Oxygen monitoras,” said Shiripinda.

Gen X Technologies, Gladmore Shiripinda at PPC Marathon 2016

Gen X Technologies, Gladmore Shiripinda at PPC Marathon 2016

GenX products all meet strict international quality standards, amongst them, CE (European Certification); FCC Declaration of Conformity (USA) and RoHS. The products also carry a six-month non-human error warranty.

GenX Technologies Muchi Shiripinda with Tawanda Chikosi and Google DevFest Harare 2016 organiser

GenX Technologies Muchi Shiripinda with Tawanda Chikosi and Google DevFest Harare 2016 organisers

“The problem that we faced when starting up was doing the paper work. It took us five hard months having to complete the paperwork required for us to formalize our company,” he said
The other challenge UX face is that there is still this ignorance among the members of the  public who do not know the benefits of using smart wearables.
“The other problem that we face is that some people are unwilling to try out this wearables as they don’t know them.“They will buy only our stuff after seeing someone using our merchandise,” he said.
He said they have a flexible price range as their products can be purchased at affordable and premium rates.

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