Silently, Powertel Completely Rebrands.

PowerTel Communications (Pvt) ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ZESA, Which is one of Zimbabwe`s biggest Internet Access Provider has recently completed its rebranding exercise, a move they have chosen to make silently.

For both their corporate and consumer market, they have signaled a freshness and creativity, right at the start of a brand new year, hopefully it goes down to new ideas and improved service delivery too.

They become the third IAP/ISP in 2014, to change their looks but for Powertel, the story is a bit different, they have completely moved from their traditional colours which were blue and red to a pale blue and Orange
New powertel logo
Their Logo has been completely changed altogether, the old one could be easily associated with the ZESA style and colours and it looks they have completely moved from that position.

In the industry PowerTel is well known for pioneering Virtual Private Networks between one bank branch to the other a market they still strongly command to date.

They have become popular too by pushing CDMA dongles for end user market, a product today one could be forgiven to qoute as their main line of business.

Nicole Madziwa

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