OutAndAbout: Harare Shops Adopt Sensor Alarms Against Shopfliting

In a bid to curb shoplifting, most items shops especially those which are less than five years old are adopting trending security technologies.

One such shop is Rygon or Greycrest shop situated at the Construction House along Park street which sells different wares from clothes, to kitchen ware and other electronics and cosmetics.


By Marvelous Chibagidi

While other shops humiliate shoplifters by making a collage wallpaper of the offenders’ pictures captioned “Accused shoplifters,” others have resorted to adopting  trending technologies like the Sensormatic System.

With all the popularity that this shop has garnered over the years, through a referral I thought I could check it out.

As you enter the shop, there is an electronic article surveillance system  which uses a transmitter to create a surveillance area where tags and labels are detected. The transmitter sends a radio frequency signal (of about 58 kHz) in pulses,which energizes a tag in the surveillance zone.

When the pulse ends, the tag responds, emitting a single frequency signal like a tuning fork. While the transmitter is off between pulses, the tag signal is detected by a receiver.

This system detects a certain signal from sensormatic tags which are stuck or inserted onto all the merchandise which is in the shop. Sensormatic EAS systems help curb shoplifting by tying together electronic article surveillance, video, and point- of-sale systems, and delivering real-time intelligence to the store or corporate office.

The Sensormatic system at Rygon Shop along Park Street

The Sensormatic system at Rygon Shop along Park Street

Instead of always having to  search people so many times, the tags will ensure that one leaves the shop with all the merchandise having been paid for because if not then the sensormatic tag would not have been removed so the  electronic article surveillance system will detect the tag and make a beep sound as one is exiting just in time for the security officers to stop them.

Speaking to Blessed one of the workers at the shop he said, ”This system has actually helped us because back then at time shoplifters would actually leave unnoticed but now everything has a tag and even if you have paid if you do not get the tag removed the security officers will stop you before you leave the shop”

There are different types of electronic article surveillance like the electro-magnetic systems and these tags are made of a strip of armophous metal which has a very low magnetic saturation value and the acousto-magnetic system, radio frequency systems , microwave systems and tag pollution.

In developing countries they have the Electronic Article Systems installed in many of their shops but in Zimbabwe, its very few owners who see it fit to install such systems or its mere ignorance or it is the expense,these are questions for another day but it is undeniable that entrepreneurs have to invest in such technology for the good of their businesses especially in shops.



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