Self-Sealing Tyre Technology Comes to Zim

Stopping over in the middle of nowhere only to try and fix a tyre puncture is the worst night mare for most drivers, this is even worse when one is stuck after hitting a pothole, running over a sharp object and you don’t have that spare wheel to rescue.
What if you could run over any reasonable sharp object and your tyres somehow like in any super movie manage to quickly refill themselves and you keep hitting the road like nothing has happened. Well this is not far from reality, infact its now possible to get your tyres automatically sealed after hiting a sharp object.

By Tongai Mwenje

For most Zimbabweans price matters more than anything else, Thank God technology has brought some imaginations into reality.
Macrofirm an authorised distributor of Self-Sealing Tyre Technology for Zimbabwe market has priced their self-sealing tyre solution at $80 for 4 tyres up to 14” rim sizes though prices vary from tyre size to size due to the amount of solution filled, a price that is fairly within the reach of many considering the value of one tyre.

‘The idea of SSTT was launched over a year ago by CEO Mr Edwin Petersen, in South Africa, to combat the high rate of hijacking, as well as being an added feature to personal safety on the road’, said Sascha the Macrofirm company representative.

SSTT is a unique blend of many chemicals used to clean and coat the inner walls of a tyre in order to seal and protect tyres in case of blowouts and air loss from punctures. The solution provides longer tyre maintenance and improves tyre life span hence economically to use and it’s a welcome move against involuntary tyre change in case of a tyre puncture.

What the solution does is seal off instantly most punctures/piercings occurring on the tread area of the tyre. The warranty covers up to 40 punctures, up to 6mm on a light vehicle tyre, but has the capacity to handle much more. The product allows you not to drive under deflated tyres and runs almost on the same line with nitrogen.

The solution also provides cooling effect on the tyre whilst driving, thus limiting the risk of blowouts by 85% and extending the tread life of tyres by about 20 – 25%. This works to the favour of the driver by ensuring Safety, Convenience, as well as a long term money saver, as the solution can last up to 5 years under new tyre environments and at least one year on partly worn out tyres.

Check more on how the solution works in the video below

This solution was originally developed by the military to bullet proof their armoured vehicles tyres in combat situations before Mr Edwin Petersen introduced it in South Africa; the idea was then launched in Zimbabwe November 2013 at the Good Living Expo at HICC by Macrofirm Investments Pvt Ltd who currently holds the distribution rights of SSTT for Zimbabwe market.

‘Our long term plan is providing all Zimbabweans with this great product, at affordable prices. Currently our starting price per installation is at $80 for 4 tyres up to 14” rim sizes. Prices vary from tyre size to size, due to the amount of solution filled’, said Mr Sacha

‘We also participate on motor show events (for example drag races at Donny Brooke on the 06/04/2014) and do live demonstrations of our product when requested’, he said as he demonstrates on how the solution works.

Besides providing a cheap technological tyre solution to the transport industry, the company is creating employment for self-sufficient entrepreneurs, who can buy their own agency of this universal product, which is in line with the ZIMASSET agenda.

The company is looking for agencies across the country to help them in the distribution of the self-sealing Tyre technology solution. For those who might be interested in the distribution business, the requirements are as follows for the distribution rights:

Companies can register with Macrofirm Investments Pvt Ltd as self-sufficient installers of SSTT. The basic requirements are as follows.

Training of a technical installer: $100
Annual agency fee: $250
Pump & Dispenser $520
25L SSTT Solution $550
100x Warranty Booklets $220
SBO Stamp $45
1x Demonstration Tyre $175
TOTAL: $1860

Macrofirm Investments Pvt Ltd currently holds the distribution rights of SSTT for Zimbabwe and the company is currently based at Arian Motors CNR Nelson Mandela & Enterprise road (opposite Dzidzo House) and anyone can request a demonstration and installation on how the solution technology works.


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