Seacom Link Goes down, African Speeds Affected!

Most people in Zimbabwe are already feeling the impact, the internet is just too slow and yes the ISPs are working flat out to work on that but ofcourse most of them are not telling us the truth why we are suddenly facing slow speeds.
Internet Access Providers connecting via the Seacom link are facing serious connectivity issues as the main backbone fibre is reportedly down.
Most ISPs in Africa and Zimbabwe included connect via Seacom as their main infrastructure but other redundant systems are currently saving the day as the Seacom cable issue being troubleshot

MWeb has reported its customer have been experiencing poor international connectivity due to a Seacom link failure, meaning it is not currently running at full capacity.
This means its down but not out!

The company says the effects have been minimised as traffic has been rerouted, while engineers investigate the outage.

“We are running on alternative WACS capacity,” MWeb said in a statement on its Facebook page. “Please note that we are not at full capacity and shaping on non-priority traffic will be in effect.”

The Seacom website reported a “multiple terrestrial outage” on both its Egypt routes at 11:59 GMT.

“Repair teams have been mobilized,” the company said. “ETR [estimated time to repair] will be published shortly. This is affecting our European routes. Updates will follow in 30 minutes.”

If you are facing internet problems you may want to check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) how they are routing your traffic or preferably by simply running a trace route in your Windows or OSI command line.
This will effectively mean that your data will now be taking other longer routes for you to access the internet hence the evident slow down in most networks.

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