#Science&Tech: Zimbabweans, You Are Abusing Social Media!!

When Vasco da Gama discovered the first ever sea route to India in 1947, wild cerebrations in Europe went on for years as the people rejoiced on the discovery of another continent full of life. Its not a case that India and the rest of Asia were not there during God’s first creations but during those epic times, communication methods were so poor and time consuming hence taking so long to interlink continents.

By Shingie Lev Muringi 

Now fast forward down the line, in another millennium where a blessed generation has all the advanced communication methods in the palm of its ungrateful hands, all we see now are the alarming levels of social media abuse in Zimbabwe to be precise. When Zuckerberg and other technocrats engineered social media, the vision was to simplify communication, making it enjoyable and less costly at the same time but alas, social media is now a blessing turning to be a case among our own people. Here are the shocking scenarios where people are abusing social media:

Thousands of marriages are coming to an abrupt end because couples are busy leaving trails of their shenanigans on Whatsapp and Facebook. Those who used to master the game of cheating in the 80s, many of them managed to getaway with it but not in these digital times where infidelity is easily revealed via Whatsapp and Facebook messages. Its now a game where a spouse has to constantly check the partner’s phone from time to time to scrutinize the social networking traffic for any suspicious acts.


The most hurting scenario nowadays is a situation where you find people taking videos of street fights and other domestic disputes so that they posts those on social. Instead of intervening to solve such problems, people are mad about making such videos so that they trend on social media. This is one act which every citizen must stop!! Its causing serious moral decadence in our communities, a cancer that cannot be healed but rather leaves unforgettable trails of hatred. People must know that once you post something on social media, you can never take it back.

The other sinister scenario rocking our societies is the posting of pornographic material on social media. In the first place, why are people so stupid to record themselves during their shameful acts?? At the end when the relationship goes sour, the hurt partner will just post the x-rated material on social media which in-turn causes untold suffering to the exposed. Most women are to blame on this issue because they like to model in front of cameras while naked. Where is your dignity? Where is your pride? How do you safeguard your self esteem in such a messy situation? Be warned its the woman who is hurt the most when it comes to issues of exposed sex tapes.

Remember the same sad story ended Tinopona “Tin-Tin” Katsande’s colorful career as a radio personality. The same act caused Pokelo Nare and Stunner some sleepless nights where the latter ended up losing very good endorsement deals. Such acts have caused top government officials and company executives to immediately resign from their posts in order to protect the reputation of organizations.

The other sad  trending issue is the stupid act of taking nude pictures. This one is becoming almost a style to those women who think they can attract rich men by posting controversial photos. Yes many of them have succeeded since men like to fool around with pretty and sexy women but at the end its a game of using each other. This is one act where people must be charged, both the victim and the offender must be punished for inciting moral decadence in our societies.

The last scenario where people are abusing social media is the act of generating unfounded lies on social media. Recently we had a very disturbing scenario where people circulated lies on social media that school opening dates for the second term have been changed causing some misinformed borders to miss out on first day classes. People must learn to get news from the responsible authorities through the formal communication channels and reliable media houses. Forwarding unauthenticated messages must stop because you will be passing a lie that will negatively impact another person’s life.

Maybe we cannot blame you because these are the end times where prophecies are being fulfilled in many shocking ways. Maybe its technology that has gone to the dogs. Maybe its a situation where common sense is lacking but God help us all because we are doing nothing good to ourselves and the future of our children.

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