Science & Tech Ministry allocated $332,7 million

By Tongai Mwenje

The New combined ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science & Technology development has been allocated a whooping $332, 731 00 as it carries two strategic ministries in Zimbabwe, thus the Education and the Science and technology.

This goes to show how government is committed in the growth of local technologies although still these figures are most likely going to fall short, but a provisional budget of such magnitude speaks volumes.

$238 million was consumed by the ministry in the yester year budget, making this new one a bit more comfortable, although issues of natural growth and demand will come in to chew on the allocation.

For Minister Olivia Muchena, this is probably good news considering that her ministry fits in  the top 6,  highest allocation for the year 2014 with the ministry of water and environment coming tops with over  a $1, 1billion dollar budget of the total $4.1billion budget.

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