SBS Consultants to hold the inaugural Information & Cyber Security Symposium on the 8th of July

SBS Consultants will be hosting the inaugural Information & Cyber Security Symposium at Crowne Plaza Monomotapa Hotel on the 8th of July. This will be a half-day event aimed at Executives and C-Level management.

By the Deputy Editor – Shingie Lev Muringi 

Companies and organizations worldwide are facing advanced cyber threats by all types of adversaries. The art and form of these threats evolve from single to multiple vectors, reaching from waves to bursts, evolving in shape and size. Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and the leak of sensitive information are amongst the most notorious threats.

In light of this, organizations need to start embedding Information and Cyber Security into their overall business strategies. The delegates who will include CIOs, IT Directors, CISOs and Risk Executives from large organizations and companies will discuss case studies, best practices, and hear from our experts about innovative ways to prevent/mitigate advanced information and cyber threats targeting their organizations.

SBS CEO, Mr Isheanesu Sithole said “At SBS, our philosophy is that all complex problems can be solved by simple solutions. Being secure goes beyond putting in place the latest Firewall and Antivirus software. Information Technology (IT) has become the most prolific tool to all organizations with many benefits being realised”.

“However, its pervasive nature has also brought about many risks that need to be addressed. This symposium is the first of many initiatives aimed at raising Information & Cyber Security awareness in local enterprises. We’ve also been selected to host this year’s Information & Cyber Security Summit in Victoria Falls.”

The organizer of this event, SBS Consultants is a professional services firm based in Zimbabwe, committed to delivering high quality services that simplify the way our clients do business. We are a member of SBS Consultants Global Limited, a UK private limited company (

SBS Consultants provides specialist services in IT Audit & Risk, Information & Cyber Security and IT Advisory. We have a global reputation of providing game changing, independent and impartial advice to our clients. Our innovative style is based upon a sound working knowledge of industry best practice and a partnership approach with our clients.

Cyber Care is a specialized consulting firm focusing on IT Security. Their services include Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments; SIEM Log Collection & Correlation, Computer Forensics and Incident Management. The consultants have vast experience working with large organization in the region and have managed to assist large organisations to carry out forensic investigations and to improve their overall security programs.

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