Satewave's Solar Charging Stations In The CBD.


Most individuals can familiarise with the feeling of running out of battery in your phone whilst attending to crucial matters in town.

It is even worse when there is no actual power source to enable charging your mobile device. Well thanks to Satewave all those problems have been nullified.

 Satewave is an enterprise that produces environmental goods or services such as renewable technology like solar. Its most fascinating innovative idea of installing charging stations that are powered by solar energy has come to existence in most parts of the CBD. 

One is centred at Africa Unity Square whilst the other one is located at the corner of George Silundika and 1st street in Harare.

The charging station is a multi- purpose facility that has the main interesting feature of a USB port to accommodate for charging mobile devices, also serves as a billboard to advertise and has a compartment that one can throw litter in.

However, the charging stations have been exposed to vandalism. One of the charging stations that is located at corner Jason Moyo and George Silundika has seized to work effectively due to this problem.

More security measures need to be put in place in order to safeguard this innovative brand and allow for more charging stations in every street of Harare.

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