SASAI issues an apology

After clogging our inboxes and causing an uproar on social media over the messages that customers were receiving, SASAI has issued out an apology to all those that received unsolicited messages from the company.

SASAI said the messages were driven by the weekly draw of the Chaka-Chaya paSasai $10 million promotion that kicked off on Wednesday this week.

“The instance of several messages received by some customers as part of the ongoing SASAI $10 million Chaka-Chaya paSASAI promotion has since been rectified, and SASAI regrets any inconvenience caused,”

“Messages raising awareness about SASAI had been going out before, but because of the promotional draw on Wednesday afternoon, some customers that have many friends who have downloaded the app, started getting several messages inviting them to try the app and so increase their chances of winning something in the draw,” a company spokesperson said.

Sasai is an integrated social payments platform by Cassava Fintech International that combines payments, chats and entertainment services on one single app.

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