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Sasai Calls For Free is Finally Here But..

Sasai, social media app has partially zero rated their access costs to all Econet customers, meaning one can now access the services without airtime, free of charge, but the thin TnCs lines are so thick that you wont miss them.

The promotion is however valid only over this Covid lock-down and it seems the team behind the service are very cautious on possible data upsurge, tying down the promo heavily.

It may have took them a long time coming, but finally they have listened to the voice of reason, this is the simple panacea we have always tried to nudge them to implement, but I guess its better late than never.

While this sounds like nothing much but a trial version of Zero rating, we need to commend them for the slight extension, though the promo is very stingy in nature, or is it cautious, it may help persuade Zimbabweans to spend more time and reason to familiarize with the platform, an important ingredient to mass product uptake.

The promotion however is not generous, dont celebrate yet, Sasai is only giving away a meager 140mb per week.

In a statement through their social media account, Sasai Zimbabwe announced:


Every Sasai customer will be allocated 140mb every day at midnight from 27 April

• The moment a customer exhaust their weekly 140mb automatically falls off from the FREE proposition and should they want continue to use Sasai they would have to buy own data data bundles

If a customer does not exhaust their 140mb Sasai bundle, the bundle expires after 7 days in accordance .

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