Samsung’s Nine Weeks Of Horror …How Safe Is Africa From The Flames?

THE adage “it never rains but pours,” clearly sums up Samsung Corporation’s current predicament, as its fortunes over the past nine weeks have withered, owing to a series of horrendous events which followed the launch of their new baby, the Samsung Note 7.
Six weeks after its launch, the biggest scare in Samsung’s history happened after one of their phones went up in flames Hollywood horror movie style.

As if that was not enough, three more phones caught fire three weeks later in different locations, prompting the firm to recall the suspicious Note 7 and halting its production.

By David Zvina

Now the question one would ask is what Samsung has done to help its ever swelling customer base in Africa including Zimbabwe.

Statistics indicate that Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of most sold smartphones, way ahead of apple and Microsoft as well as other brands.

Africa itself stands as a major market for modern Samsung brands with information highlighting that the mobile technological company makes more than 10 billion dollars annually from the continent.
We believe Samsung should take measures to educate the African market on the dangers associated with the note brand and should also act swiftly in the event of their phone catching fire.

Samsung Note 7: The beauty that got scarred and burnt

Samsung Note 7: The beauty that got scarred and burnt

Most Zimbabweans  might have already purchased the Samsung Note 7 online and on the physical market.

The Samsung note s7 has definitely left the Samsung brand with much to do in terms of brand management globally before it loses out on big business and revenue

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