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Sally Mugabe Residents petition Telone over internet connectivity



Sally Mugabe Residents in Harare, have petitioned ISP Telone to bring  internet connection in the area  housing close to 2000 residential stands ,following close to a decade without  access to internet.
They are currently no Internet service providers in the  area.
Internet only reaches up to the Borrowdale area , living residents to use mobile networks which they state have expensive data packages.
A petition dated March 9 2021, addressed to Mr.Collen Kalira ( Telone Area Manager ) reads.

“Residents of Sally Mugabe Heights are cut off from dedicated Internet Connection Services. Many children and parents now have to study and work from home online, and unfortunately there is not a single Internet Service Provider servicing the area. “

“Parents and their children are losing out, Telone stands to win big business if they make the first move and be the first dedicated Internet Service Provider in the area. Sally Mugabe houses at least 2000 residential stands.”

The petition added that We, the petitioners, are a group of Sally Mugabe Heights residents. We are writing to ask and request for Telone to bring Internet Connection Services in our neighbourhood.

The earlier Telone comes forward and provides internet connection services in our neighbourhood, the better.

If Telone will be the first, then you stand to be the go-to internet service provider in Sally Mugabe Heights, Charlotte Brooke and Crowhill. Telone is our first choice Internet Service Provider, and we are hoping you come onboard as soon as possible. Hopefully by 15 March 2021.

One of the residents leading the petition said that there have not been any dedicated internet service providers in the area , which has affected their connectivity , a situation worsened by the COVID19 inducted lockdown were a larger number of people were working from home.
“We basically do not have internet in this area ,using data bundles is quite expensive and there is a huge difference in prices comparing to internet packages.” 
“As residents of Sally Mugabe we realised we are in need of the internet , hence we approached Telone asking for Internet connectivity.” 
“However , the response is not really promising and what we hoped for as we are taking this as matter of urgency,” 
He added that Telone response was that they plan to extend internet services to Sally Mugabe in November  while the timing seems too far for the residents.
Internet has slowly become a daily necessity in the day to day running of business in the country and across the globe.
Zimbabwe  recorded an increase in internet usage last year.According to the Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe ( POTRAZ), internet usage grew  by 43% to record 14,878TB in the third quarter of 2020 from 10,407TB recorded in the second quarter of 2020.
While mobile network operators keep increasing bundles , wifi could possibly be a solution with cheaper data packages.
leona Mandengu

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Zim does not have the most  expensive data  tariffs in Africa  : Potraz

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