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Money has always been a hot topic and entrusting it to certain employees may leave companies burnt or burning, in this case fuel money. Accounting for fuel has always been a contentious issue.



Enter Sakunda. Sakunda has launched the Sakunda Fuel card and Sakunda Loyalty card, a part of Sakunda’s reward program to its customers. The aim being to give high quality service and innovative products to its customers.

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Sakunda fuel card

How the Loyalty Card works:
The Sakunda Loyalty Card is designed to collect fuel points for every fuel purchase made at a Sakunda service stations countrywide. Fuel points are redeemable for fuel at any Sakunda service station countrywide.

Sakunda4The Fuel card, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe, is a Smart Card that allows customers to enjoy convenient, secure and manageable fuel services. Fuel purchases no longer have be made at the service station using cash for that matter. One can now purchase fuel using V payments, Visa, Zimswitch, bank transfer and cash deposits from anywhere in the world and load it onto the card.

The fuel in the card is denoted in litres hence price changes are of no effect. To manage the fuel card one simply logs in to their online account and views transactions data at any time. Yes even the drivers transactions are there.
Changes to a given account can be made to the account, from adding extra cards, changing vehicle registration and even linking the fuel card to a specific vehicle using the registration number driver details printed on the card.

Recognising the dynamic needs of its customers, Sakunda has transitioned from being just a fuel supplier, to become a lifestyle partner by allowing customers to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexible and convenient fuel management particularly for company fleets.
  • Purchase fuel using Cash, Bank Transfer, Zimswitch ready bank card, VISA  or V payments (this means even those in the diaspora can purchase fuel for their relatives in Zimbabwe)
  • Ease and safety of cashless fuel transactions ( one can still load fuel even in the comfort of their lounge – no need for cash to fuel up)
  • Collect fuel points with each fuel purchase

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In conclusion the fuel card offers easy and safe cashless transactions which even if one loses their point of sale receipt the card details are still available online. This means all account and card transactions are tracked online and reports can be generated to monitor usage and fueling patterns. Moreover, a business can top up individual cards online 24 hours a day from the master accounts or the business can simply pay for fuel online and credit the fuel card.

A novel development indeed.


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