Sage Pastel Speaks On Pulling Out Of Zimbabwe


Following our recent article titled “Sage-Pastel Pulls Out of Zimbabwe” distributors of Sage products in Zimbabwe (formerly branded Pastel) have come to set the record straight saying while the company had stopped taking new business and clients in Zimbabwe due to sanctions, it continues supporting its existing clients.

In a letter to Technomag, Sage titanium business partner Chips Enterprise Solutions said clients were panicking as that they would not be supported or continue enjoying the benefits of their Sage products they are using as a result of the report.

“Sage is a global listed company with entities in the UK and US. In order to reduce their exposure and risk associated with dealing with a country under sanctions they have decided not to acquire new customers in Zimbabwe,” said Rob Watson of Chips Enterprise Solutions.

Watson said Sage or “Sage-Pastel” has not pulled out Zimbabwe as its existing customers will still be receiving support from their distributor or service provider.

Watson said the authorized distributor, referred to as a titanium business partner by Sage will continue to receive support, licenses, and reregistration’s from Sage South Africa.

Watson said existing customers whose account/license is active and has not lapsed for more than one year may continue to enjoy renewals of existing licenses, additional users, additional modules and will be able to cross grade or migrate to other Sage Products.

Existing customers will be able to continue enjoying the benefits of being a Sage customer subject to a positive outcome to the associated annual customer due diligence check.

“As Chips we are lucky enough to have a large Sage (Formerly Branded Pastel) customer base and see this new development as an opportunity to consolidate our services around the existing customer base and focus on helping our existing customers grow and exploit the full potential of their investment in Sage with the full support of Sage South Africa. All our services around Sage will continue such as Implementation, Training, and Support,” added Watson.

Sage-Pastel Pulls Out Of Zimbabwe

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