SADC Regulators Discussing 5G possibilities in Durban

Potraz with other telecommunication regulators in the Southern African region are converged in Durban to discuss  way forward towards adoption of 5G technology in the SADC region under a two day seminar, which should also ascertain our preparedness for the technology, over basic mobile data access. 

While is not debatable wether we should accelerate our speeds, it has become a question of justifying the move, when most African parts can not even access 2G or 3G, this discussion takes center stage at the Communications Regulators Association of Southern Africa (CRASA)

Speaking at the event, CRASA executive secretary Antony Chigadzira spoke on the need for various stake holders to step and evaluate factors that would enable the possible launch of technology in Africa as issues of spectrum and speed come to play.

By David Zvina

We need to ask ourselves as the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) whether or not we are ready for 5G technologies, whether we are ready to a locate our full attention towards the 5G project , we want to first ensure that everybody has access to 3G or 2gG before we take the next step.

4G and LTE have been loosely used as a marketing term in African nations, while most network service providers are failing way below the threshold to provide such technology, due to coverage, connectivity speeds and spectrum allocation.

Mr Chigadzira went on to say that  the formulation of policies and regulation is important as they would facilitate greater investments in the technological sphere in southern Africa.

“The  aim of this workshop is to set a criteria where we can provide cheap accessible internet in southern Africa. As much as we want the 5G network, it should be within the cost that can be afforded by the societies, that Is why we feel the we should be ready first.

During the conference they was a call by members of the regulation committee for African countries to critically adopt a SADC model cyber laws as it is known that the issue of security is important.

“There is need for SADC to create a platform where people have confidence in our products and services in order for them to buy into them. hence  the route to 5G should bring about greater understanding between the regulators and the customers.”

Speaking at the  event ,Huawei representative Ian Ellis noted that Huawei is committed as a brand to bringing about technological advancement in Africa and they will partner with all stakeholders involved in the ICT sector.

We are indeed entering a period  technology is bringing about a better connected world that is full of endless possibilities, it is time to embrace the changes.

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