SABC Bounces Back On Free To Air Decoders

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

After 4 months of successfully banning the SABC signal from “Pirating” to neighbouring countries, the Signal which was largely reported to now only broadcast on a new “encryption” which Free To Air (FTA) decoders cannot receive has strayed outside, beyond the borders again.

Yes, You can now view your SABC channels again for Free on your FTA decoder, ie your Wiztech, Phillibao or any of those ranges.

It is seems it was never at all running on a new encryption, or maybe somehow the encrypted signal has strayed, or someone from the inside has “jailbroken” the SABC signal and its back online straying to restricted countries.

Simply rescan your decoder using these codes 11673 v 26638 and Voila! Your stations are rebroadcasting again. This however does not go without saying the signal strength is not perfect and at sometimes difficult to access.
Previously the South African High court had demanded that SABC should with immediate effect stop broadcasting its signal to other countries, a demand SABC resisted not until the June ruling which laid the last nail on the matter forcing SABC to follow the court order.
According to the report, the High Court in Johannesburg had ordered signal carrier Sentech to encrypt the signal last year.

This was after eTV’s subsidiary eBotswana requested the same court to scramble the signal in 2011, to curb growing broadcast piracy in the region.
Recently we were pretty shocked to confirm the “leaked” news from our Facebook fan Peter Stanley Makunika that SABC programmes are now showing on the FTA decoders.

Ofcourse it was not a complete shock as they have reports of backyard Satellite dish support guys doing rounds that they can still make your decoder receive the same encrypted signal from ranges of $10 $30, putting to doubt the fact the signals was at all encrypted.

The recent move however may not be much of joy to Zimbabweans as the long arm of the law will likely be stretched again forcing a quick revert back and seeing the signal “encrypted” again.

The Local player ZBC, and a monopoly, has largely been blamed for failing to not only take advantage of the SABC switch off previously, but completely failed to give competitive screening to millions of households as their programming has largely been reported substandard.

Of Major concern is the poor video quality of ZBC signal to most households which has gone unchecked for years.
On that note , ZBC has also been blamed for Transmedia`s faults, when millions are failing to receive quality signal, a blame the ZBC has completely pointed to the company responsible for the signal transmission in Zimbabwe, not them as the broadcaster.

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