SA: Free Wifi For Your Samsung Device

For simply owning a Samsung device, one will now be able to access FREE wifi internet access in South Africa.
This is a deal stroked by Samsung Electronics South Africa and AlwaysOn to provide the offering, and the two firms promise to give these customers 1GB free data every month for 12 months per Samsung device they own.

This free free Wi-Fi service is available at more than 1,000 hotspots in South Africa and exclusive to Samsung smart devices owners in the country.

Samsung Electronics South Africa says customers who own Samsung Wi-Fi enabled smart devices, which were purchased after March 2010, qualify for the free Wi-Fi service.

Samsung says the 1GB of free data does not roll over to the next month if it is not used and that once the data-cap is depleted, customers have to purchase additional data from the AlwaysOn Wi-Fi portal at standard rates to continue using the service.

To get connected all they need to do is to look for the nearest AlwaysOn hotspot and register their unique device serial number on the AlwaysOn network. Once in the hotspot, customers can then connect to the AlwaysOn network using their Samsung device.

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