Rwanda Introducing Electric Motorcycles

Rwandan government will be finalizing policy guidelines on phasing out petrol-based motorcycles in favor of electric motorcycles.  Two electric charging stations are already available in the capital city of Kigali for the 10 electric motorcycles that are already being used in the city.

The main advantage of motorcycles is that they cost $1,300 Rwandan franc (US$1.40) which is said to be cheaper than similar petrol-powered motorcycles.

Speaking at the Youth Forum in Kigali, Rwandan President Paul Kagame appealed to everyone to embrace the electric motorcycles.

“We will find a way to replace the ones you have now. We urge taxi-moto operators to help us when the phase-out process comes,” said Kagame speaking at a Youth Forum in Kigali, Rwanda.

Like most parts of East and West Africa, motorcycles are a key part of public transportation in Rwanda. Known as motos in the East African country, reports are that there are approximately 30,000 of them across Rwanda with about 15,000 already operating in Kigali.

The introduction of electric motorcycles generally has environmental benefits. The plan already fits in well with the Rwandan government’s plans to keep their environment clean.

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