#Out&About: Rowdy Ecocash Agents Continue to Sell Cash

It appears the call by Ecocash company for agents to stop selling money to clients is falling on deaf ears as evidenced  by their continued engagement in the illicit deal. According to media reports, Ecocash responded  to the cash sale scandal saying they forbid the sale of money.

A survey conducted by the TechnoMag #OutandAbout crew indicates that more and more agents are charging customers an extra fee of not less than $10 for every transaction they make.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

“Our Agents are not allowed to charge customers any extra amount above the applicable approved Cash-Out tariffs automatically deducted from the phone. We encourage our customers to report such malpractices by advising us of the Agent Code on toll-free 114/111 or alerting their nearest Econet shop.

“Although it is the responsibility of agents to ensure that their agent business is liquid, EcoCash is playing an active role to link agents with the core support for liquidity.

Steward Bank Bulawayo Ecocash

Econet Shop and Steward Bank in Bulawayo


Agents   however have remained adamant requesting kickbacks when providing cashouts.

With the cash crunch in ZImbabwe, Ecocash agents are selling cash at a certain charge for example, they are selling a $100 for $130.

Our survey also indicated that agents in the CBD are refusing to give money unless they were receiving something in exchange.

One of the agents who spoke to TechnoMag said, “Sister, handiti munoziva kuti cash irikunetsa, saka ini murikundipawo marii? (Sister, since you are well aware of the cash crisis, how much are you going to give me.)”

As if this was not enough, another Ecocash agent demands 30 % of the money to be withdrawn.

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