#DisruptiveZimStartups: Roundshopper App to drive wholesalers out of business

One directions song Story of my life is one of the songs that ring in the heads of tuckshop owners whenever they travel to procure items at wholesale shops.

At these conventional wholesalers like Mohammed Mussa, Bhadhela, Tynserve and or N. Richards, the tuckshop owners endure long queues to purchase their stock for business.


These arduous trips are time consuming and at times customers have to move from one shop to another comparing prices, getting luggage carriers among other stuff.  As is the norm that retailers cannot buy directly from the manufacturers of goods, for buying stuff in small volumes, this start-up is set to turn the tables with his ingenious innovation. 



Danny Zembe and company are developing an online application that can save most small scale retailers or tuck-shop owners from all the clamour and stress they undergo when they want to restock their goods.

Round shopper Facebook Page

Round shopper Facebook Page


Pitching his innovation at the SeedStars Harare World Competition held at Impact Hub Harare Discovereum   , Roundshopper head Danny Zembe noted that technology has has brought with it some disruptive innovations that can deem wholesalers irrelevant.

“We have created and online/ sms based platform that combines the small orders of individual tuck shops into big orders large enough to meet the volume requirements set ,manufacturers,” he said.

The online/ sms platform system enables tuck-shop owners to order the goods they require. They can conduct  payments electronically or online with the system combining orders from tuckshop owners and other buyers’ orders.

This system is user friendly even to those without internet access like those using SMSes as the SMS platform  enables them to order items with a unique code. This SMS will be synced together with other orders received online and are forwarded to the manufacturer.

Illustrating how they would make profit through the 25 percent delivery commission they attain after having provided their services and also they acquire a 25 percent commission from every transaction they perform.

B2B have a fleet of 10 delivery trucks and they now have a clientele base of up to 300 small scale retailers. We have step ourselves a goal of ensuring that we reach a profit of 250 000 in the next 12 and we are now working with national foods one of the biggest manufacturers in Zimbabwe

Roundshopper got the opportunity to pitch their application in South Africa where delegates at the startup event expressed massive interest in his project.

Danny Zembe’s Roundshopper was number three at the competition.



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