Review: Our Tech Movie of The Year -The Matrix-(Original Script)

This is the second part of the original script of The Matrix.

In this part, Trinity has just been  betrayed by someone from the inside who hacked their their system and gave away their position,

She suspects that but Cypher (The Suspect) tries to play that down). This was  demostrating an inside attack in a network which is much difficult to trace compared to any outside attack.

Trinity will have to quickly get out of  the The Matrix (Their World) or the (Wide Area Network) where she has been exposed to their own world (Local Area Network) network.

Here is the second part of the transcript:


TRINITY (V.O.): I better go.

CYPHER (V.O.): Yeah. Right. See you on the other side.

She hangs up as we PASS THROUGH the numbers, entering the netherworld of the computer screen. Where gradually the sound of a police radio grows around us.

RADIO (V.O.): Attention all units. Attention all units.

Suddenly, a flashlight cuts open the darkness and we find ourselves in —


The hotel was abandoned after a fire licked its way across the polyester carpeting, destroying several rooms as it spooled soot up the walls and ceiling leaving patterns of permanent shadow. We FOLLOW four armed POLICE officers using flashlights as they creep down the blackened hall and ready themselves on either side of room 303. The biggest of them violently kicks in the door — The other cops pour in behind him, guns thrust before them.

BIG COP: Police! Freeze!

The room is almost devoid of furniture. There is a fold-up table and chair with a phone, a modern, and a Powerbook computer. The only light in the room is the glow of the computer. Sitting there, her hands still on the keyboard, is TRINITY; a woman in black leather.

BIG COP: Get your hands behind your head!

Trinity rises.

BIG COP: Hands behind your head! Now! Do it!

She slowly puts her hands behind her head.


A black sedan with tinted windows glides in through the police cruisers.

AGENT SMITH and AGENT BROWN get out of the car. They wear dark suits and sunglasses even at night. They are also always hardwired; small Secret Service earphones in one ear, its cord coiling back into their shirt collars.

AGENT SMITH: Lieutenant?


AGENT SMITH: Lieutenant, you were given specific orders —

LIEUTENANT: I’m just doing my job. You gimme that juris-my dick-tion and you can cram it up you’re a**.

AGENT SMITH: The orders were for your protection.

The Lieutenant laughs.

LIEUTENANT: I think we can handle one little girl.

Agent Smith nods to Agent Brown as they start toward the hotel.

LIEUTENANT: I sent two units. They’re bringing her down now.

AGENT SMITH: No, Lieutenant, your men are dead.


The Big Cop flicks out his cuffs, the other cops holding a bead. They’ve done this a hundred times, they know they’ve got her, until the Big Cop reaches with the cuff and Trinity moves — It almost doesn’t register, so smooth and fast, inhumanly fast. The eye blinks and Trinity’s palm. snaps up and the nose explodes, blood erupting. The cop is dead before he begins to fall. And Trinity is moving again — seizing a wrist, misdirecting a gun, as a startled cop FIRES — a head explodes. In blind panic, another airs his gun, the barrel, a fixed black hole — and FIRES — Trinity twists out of the way, the bullet missing as she reverses into a roundhouse kick, knocking the gun away. The cop begins to scream when a jump kick crushes his windpipe, killing the scream as he falls to the ground. She looks at the four bodies.



Agent Brown enters the hotel, while Agent Smith heads for the alley.


Trinity is on the phone, pacing. The other end is answered.

MAN (V.O.): Operator.

TRINITY: Morpheus! The link was traced! I don’t know how.

MORPHEUS (V.O.): I know. Stay calm.

TRINITY: Are there any agents?


TRINITY: God***nit!

MORPHEUS (V.O.): You have to focus.There is a phone.Wells and Laxe. You can make it.

She takes a deep breath, centering herself.

TRINITY: All right —


She drops the phone.


She bursts out of the room as Agent Brown enters the hall, leading another unit of police. Trinity races to the opposite end, exiting through a broken window onto the fire escape.


In the alley below, Trinity sees Agent Smith staring at her. She can only go up.

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