#Zimstartups: Retrieve Your Important Documents with Lost and Found

At one point or another in life, a Zimbabwean is bound to lose his or her important documents such as title deeds, company documents, academic documents not to mention ID Cards and Drivers licences.

It gets stressful the most when you have no idea to redeem the lost material. We have the police, better yet there is just one radio show where people report their items which they would have lost.

TechnoMag Reporter

Some utilize the social media for example Facebook with the hope of getting a lead to claim their lost items but one startup company Hansole Investments has just the solution for you.

Their mobile application Lost and Found assists the general public in locating their lost and found items.

“This is a mobile application where the owner of a lost item and a finder can link up and handover the lost item within minutes of having lost it. The idea is, when an individual finds an item, they fill in the details of that item onto the app and it’s stored in the database,” says Hansole investments.

The mobile application has about 500 installations recorded on Play Store since its latest update in August, 2016.

According to Hansole, the application links up one who last an item with the finder.

“When someone finds an item, they fill in the details of that item onto the app and its stored in the database. Likewise, if someone loses an item they report the item using the app by filling in a relevant form.

“If a match is found, both the owner and finder of the item will receive a notification and a platform is opened where they can communicate directly in the real time. This will create an instant recovery platform for all the lost items,” said the startup company.


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