Research & Intellectual Expo Rolls Into Life


National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is currently hosting the Research Intellectual Expo, an annual event initiated by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.
The 2015 edition of the RIE-SET currently underway is running under the theme “Research and Innovation for Socio-Economic Transformation”. The backdrop to the showcase is the recognition that no country has developed without utilizing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom produced by its citizens.

By Tongai Mwenje
To that end, the RIE-SET is an initiative to showcase to the nation and the Southern African region, the research outputs and intellectual prowess by Zimbabweans both at home and in the diaspora. The RIE-SET is thus intended to provide an ideal platform from which Zimbabwe can harness and channel the knowledge and wisdom developed by the nation’s institutions of higher learning, research and related institutions and Zimbabweans in the diaspora, towards the achievement of the country’s goals.
Each year the showcase has a special theme on which in that area present Research and Development (R&D) papers. At the same time a platform is created for exhibition of research and prototype products developed by Zimbabwe’s science, technology and innovation specialists as well as an opportunity for individuals and institutions to showcase their activities and achievements.
The participants at the research and intellectual festival include the Higher and Tertiary Education sector, universities, polytechnics, teachers’ colleges, research institutions and centres, industry, business, organisations and secondary schools.
Every effort is made to attract the participation of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora as well as higher education institutions from the region.
The range of activities will include: Displays of Research and Development (R&D) outputs obtained in science, technology and innovation, including Integrated Skills Outreach Programmes (ISOPS);
Exhibitions by Higher and Tertiary Education institutions, presentations of R&D papers by scholars including natural and social scientists, medical practitioners, lawyers, social researchers, cultural practitioners, political scientists, among others; moot courts for pertinent legal issues, debates by experts on selected topical issues, art exhibitions, and cultural performances including drama, dance, music and poetry, poster presentations.
Platform for medical personnel and lawyers to demonstrate, advise and educate the public on topical medical and legal issues respectively. Presentations on research and publications directed at standardizing and developing local and regional languages; Competitions and awards of prizes to winners in the various categories.
Aims of RIE-SET
– To provide innovative solutions to Zimbabwe’s challenges.
– To provide a forum for presentations of R&D findings.
– To offer a platform for exhibitions.
– To organize moots, debates and competitions.
– To promote a science culture.
– To provide a platform for networking and sharing.
– To promote collaboration in local, regional and international research institutions.
– To promote innovative activities in academia, industry and technology education.
Last year, the three day extravaganza was hosted by the University of Zimbabwe were thousands across Zimbabwe converged to witness the national research institutions and all the Higher tertiary institutions showcasing their prowess in science and technological development.
See the program here

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