Re-Designed Twitter Looking More Like Facebook!

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

Okay , twitter has been going through major face-lifts in recent years., but none really awed me like this one did! now, twitter lets you add 4 photos to tweets , tag anyone in them!!  i beg your pardon for being very brutal here, but i feel twitter is slowly turning into facebook…i definitely smell a rat given facebook’s grabbing mode.

first it was twitter testing major profile redesign that looked a lot like Facebook , now you are tagging like facebook???

Here is more from Mashable on the issue

The photos you add will appear as a four-part collage in your timeline. If anyone clicks on one of them, they’ll get the full picture. In Tweetdeck, however, the pictures appear to simply follow one after the other.


For now, the multiple photos can only be uploaded via iPhone, but Twitter said in a blog post that Android and functionality will follow shortly.

The friend tagging feature, now available to everyone, works pretty much as it does on Facebook. You tag your Twitter friends in the picture, then the friend gets a notification. He can delete or amend the tag.

Twitter will let you control who can tag you in a photo, but the default is that anyone can. That could lead to a lot of awkward and erroneous photo-tagging of celebrities. We’ve reached out to Twitter for more information on that.


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