Rantings Of A Computer Gamer!!

If you are a gamer, it doesn’t matter what you play or where you play.

We gamers are not content at just sitting in front of a screen and just letting the story play out without having a say in the matter, oh no!

By Rangarirai Chindanya
We want to be able to decide how the story ends, we want to be the heroes in those stories and there isn’t a form off media out there that delivers that kind of fantasy the way video games do. We can be soldiers, space soldiers, ninjas, space ninjas, pilots, space pilots, race drivers, get away drivers, great football managers and even under achieving football managers.
I’ve been playing video games from a tender age of six and I hope to play until someone invents the Matrix or at least Total Recall.

If you can think of a better way to tell a story just leave it in the comments section. Don’t  worry, l’ll wait.

Since I am just ranting (well not really, since I’m typing this), I had an epiphany this other day while I was watching Last Action Hero.

I thought ,hey, do all those Non Player Characters (NPCs) I meet in Skyrim or that other one I shot in face in GTA 5 for cutting in front of me while I was driving to my next mission, actually know that he lives in a virtual game world?
Game development essentials: Game character vs Non Player Character

Game development essentials: Game character vs Non Player Character

Under that daze, I started to imagine a game 50 years from now, that runs on say some kind of super quantum processor and the V.I. or rather hopefully true A.I. is so advanced that all the actions that the NPCs do in the game are just as random and unpredictable as us!
And you the player can drop in and out of that game like some kind of demigod, and its a proper living breathing society, and there’s an actually economy, political systems, traditions, beliefs that the game’s delevopers themselves didn’t actually script.

Wouldn’t  that be something? I bet Hollywood  can’t do that in a movie, can they? But I bet Bethesda can!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments, have you ever imagined a game that emersive, and would you like to play it someday? I’m pretty sure I would.

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