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1. What is an “interactive voice response” (1VR) system?


(a) A mobile handset that offers the voice dialing feature.


(b) A computer that is able to take voice commands and operate.


(c) A computer in a dial-in information service that operates by taking input in the form of spoken words, numbers, tones or dialed pulses generated by the telephone instrument.


(d) An interactive computer game that takes human voice input.


2. This keyboard, called ‘Chiclet keyboard’, was introduced with which computer?


(a) PCJr (b) PC XT


(c) PC AT (d) Lisa from Apple


3. On which computer peripheral would you find a trident-like logo?


(a) USB (b) Tablet PC


(c) Web camera (d) Combo Drive


4. What does the acronym USB stand for?


(a) Ultimate Serial Bus (b) Universal Software Base (c) Ultimate Soft Bias (d) Universal Serial Bus


5. Which laser technology with a wavelength of 405 nanometer is being sought to replace the red laser technology used in today’s compact disc and laser printer technologies?


(a) Blue laser (b) Violet laser


(c) Yellow laser (d) White laser


Marvelous Chibagidhi

Quiz Qf The Day

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