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1. What does a hardware device called “dongle” do?


(a) It helps a user to work in languages other than English for different applications


(b) It saves the user files in it in the eventuality of a system hang up


(c) It helps in ensuring that legal copies of the proprietary software, with which it comes, are not run on unlicensed additional computers


(d) This is a turbo mechanism to boost processor speed


2. LPT is the logical device name for a line printer in MS-DOS operating system when first used, the full form of this term was


(a) Line Printer (b) Line Print Terminal


(c) Long Print Terminal (d) Loading Print Transmission


3. Some printers print in one direction in one line (say from left to right) and then the next line is printed in the reverse direction (right to left). What term is used to denote writing in this fashion?


(a) Boustrophedon (b) Line printing


(c) Page printing (d) Mirror printing


4. BURN-Proof (BURN stands for Burn under Run error) is a technology that enables CD recording to automatically pause recording process, and to resume recording when the cause of interruption is resolved. Which company developed this technology?


(a) Sanyo (b) Sony


(c) Philips (d) Iomega


5. in the context of computer storage media, what is WORM?


(a) Writable Optical Media


(b) Write Once, Read Many


(c) Writing on Readable Memory


(d) Writing Official Records into Memory

Marvelous Chibagidhi

Quiz Qf The Day

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