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1. Xerox Alto, a workstation developed for internal use at Xerox and distributed in limited numbers to few universities, was the first machine to incorporate many innovations, like icons, mouse, bit-mapped display, Ethernet networking, etc. But which was the first commercial system to incorporate these, technologies as well as innovations, like folders, file servers, print servers, email, WYSIWYG, etc.?

(a) Apple Lisa (b) Xerox Star

(c) Apple Macintosh * (d) Commodore Amiga.

2. What happens to a micro-computer when it undergoes “lobotomy”?

(a) Its hard disk is formatted and the software reloaded.

(b) It is disassembled and compo-nents sold separately.

(c) Its microprocessor is removed with the purpose of up gradation or replacement.

(d) It gets a new CPU cabinet.

3. Which of the following can be termed as the example of first modern embedded computer?

(a) Apollo Guidance Computer

(b) Guidance computer for the Minuteman missile

(c) ATM

(d) Computer onboard the Patriot cruise missile

4. In hacker jargon, when a computer is said to be nude?

(a) A new computer without a monitor

(b) A new computer delivered without an operating system

(c) A new computer without the outer packaging

(d) A computer, with transparent cases in monitor, CPU, key-board and mouse showing all the internal circuitry

5. What is a white box in the context of computer hardware?

(a) CPU cases in white or silver colors

(b) A personal computer assembled from off-the-shelf parts purchased separately in retail

(c) An Apple desktop computer

(d) An external hard disk

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Quiz Of The Day

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