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1. The first single-chip as well as the first commercially available microprocessor chip was (a) Motorola 68000 (b) Zilog (c) Intel 8086 (d) Intel 4004 2. What does MMX in Pentium MMX (a microprocessor from Intel) stand for? (a) Million Memory extension (b) Multi Media extension (c) Main Microprocessor extension (d) Multi Media exchange 3. Many work stations and servers run on RISC technology. What does it stand for? (a) Random Instruction Set Computing (b) Reduced Instruction Set Computing (c) Random Information Set Computing (d) Revised Instruction Set Computing 4. Intel microprocessors operate on CISC technology. What does CISC stand for? (a) Complex Information Set Computing (b) Complex Instruction Set Computing (c) Compounded Instruction Set Computing (d) Calculated Information Set Computing 5. Intel did not name its Pentium microprocessor as 586 in continuance of the x86 families of microprocessors. Why? (a) Intel learnt that the number names like 486, 586, etc. cannot be trademarked (b) The Pentium uses a different concept altogether from the earlier versions • (c) To avoid monotony (d) To position it as the “Processor of the New Millennium”

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Quiz Of The The Day

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