Quiz Of The The Day

1. What is a white book?

(a) A hardware manual

(b) A software manual

(c) A note book computer assembled from off-the-shelf parts purchased separately in retail

(d) A computer game hardware

2. PC (personal computer) was originally a trade name of

(a) IBM (b) Apple Computer

(c) Hewlett-Packard (d) Remington Rand

3. In 1970, the Japanese calculator company Busicom’s request to Intel to design a set of special purpose integrated circuits for use in a new calculator led the later company’s Ted Hoff to think of a general- purpose computer processor. Which microprocessor resulted out of Hoff’s inspiration?

(a) 4004 (b) 4040

(c) 8008 (d) 8080

4. Which was the original microprocessor in the 80X 86 families of microprocessors?

(a) 8086 (b) 8088

(c) 80286 (d) 80287

5. Which Intel microprocessor started the PC revolution?

(a) 4004 (b) 8008

(c) 8086 (d) 8088

Marvelous Chibagidhi

Quiz Of The The Day

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